Pro Trading Decisions with
Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

We Provide real time alerts on user defined technical conditions.


We Provide Technical Scans with different technical indicators to scan stocks which meet your technical conditions.

Candlestick Scans & Price Alert

We Provide different Candlestick scans and Price Alert.

Stock Babaji

We are glad to introduce our Real Time Alerts App, a perfect solution for traders who don't want to miss any opportunity. It is available for Android Device owners.

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Our Missions

Our Mission is to help traders to increase their profits with good trading decisions. We provide Real Time Alert is so that our client do not miss any opportunity.

  • Providing timely opportunities for trades with alerts
  • Better trading decisions with different Technical Scans
  • Making more profitable traders.

Alerts in Live Market

  • Catch every Stock in Real Time Alerts
  • Customize Indicator values according to your strategy
  • Get list of Stocks by combining technical scan
  • Link with Telegram and get all alerts on the Telegram


We provide Technical Scans from various Indicators to filter stocks with user-defined technical conditions.

  • Scan Stocks with user-defined Strategies
  • Scan Stock with various Technical Indicators.

Combined Technical Scans

We provide Combined Scans for more profitable trading decisions.

  • Real Time Alerts from various Combined Scans
  • Customize according to your strategy.

Candlestick Scans

  • Different Candlestick Scans to scan Stocks

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